Student Digital Badges

Students may also be awarded digital badges in recognition of digital skills development. Our intention in the future is to roll out SPEEDS Digital Badges for students, in recognition of excellent use of digital technologies in their research and learning practices.

As a pilot project, we engaged with students on the Certificate in Contemporary Living programme in UCC. Fourteen students were awarded SPEEDS Student Digital Badges and Certificates of Achievement.

The Certificate in Contemporary Living is an innovative, two-year, part-time programme of study for people with intellectual disabilities, which is delivered in a third-level setting. It enables students to develop skills to support increased self-determination and to maximise their capacities for participation in, and contribution to, their own communities and the wider society.

In a digital world, developing students’ capacities to use a variety of technological tools is crucial for facilitating them to navigate particular challenges in their lives. Students are supported by lecturers and tutors to develop digital skills for communication, social, financial, and other uses that enable them to achieve independence.

CCL students completed a survey on their digital skills development, which was designed in Easy Read format as an accessible method of assessment. This template can be accessed Easy Read SPEEDS Student Survey for CCL.

The SPEEDS team in UCC was delighted to partner with the CCL team on this initiative and congratulates both the staff and students on their digital achievements.

For further information on student badges see TELU resources at

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