Digital Day 2017

Digital Day 2017

The SPEEDS Digital Day was hosted by UCC on November 28th 2017

Professor John O’Halloran, Vice President for Teaching and Learning opened the event. We were delighted to welcome Jim Devine (Former President, IADT) as our keynote speaker. Both speakers have extensive experience in the Irish Higher Education sector and in promoting digital education.

The aim of the event was to provide educators and educational technologists the opportunity to explore the possibilities of digital teaching and learning methods for social policy education through group work, discussion and demonstration. A series of workshops and contributions from our partner institutions the Institute of Technology Carlow, Cork Institute of Technology, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, and Waterford Institute of Technology allowed for a day of interaction and debate on technology and education.

Participants had the opportunity to explore a variety of different tools and approaches to using technology for the enhancement of teaching and learning. The day showcased social policy educators’ commitment to improving digital literacy and encouraging the use of technology as a means of enhancing existing courses, facilitating access, and improving engagement by building confidence and sharing skills.

The Digital Day was informative for all who participated and allowed social policy educators and educational technologists to acknowledge the challenges and benefits of  incorporating the digital into social policy curricula.


Feedback from participants

Feedback from participants and our partners in general was positive. In a survey taken 1 week after the Digital Day, participants were asked “What did you like about the SPEEDS Digital Day?”

“The interaction with other participants and the stimulating material”

“The good balance of the input of the keynote, the discussions, the student, the afternoon sessions”

We also asked “What have you learned from participating in the SPEEDS Digital Day?”, and this is how people responded:

“Good to know what other colleges/institutions are facing in the same field”

“How to support or enhance social policy teaching through digital tools and resources”

“Barriers to entry are not too high. Lots of resources available. Colleagues happy to share their learning

“I have some new possibilities for my teaching which I hope to begin using in the next semester”

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