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Contributing to national and international research into teaching and learning practice

Farrell, E. & Raftery, D. (2018) Can anybody hear me? Taking the emotion out of feedback for both the lecturer and student. EdTech 2018, IT Carlow, 31st May – 1st June

Farrell, E. & Raftery, D. (2019) Audio and Electronic Feedback, providing a safe space for giving and receiving assignment feedback. SPEEDS Symposium, poster presentation, UCC, 9th May

Farrell, E. & Raftery, D. (2019) Electronic and audio feedback: student engagement and perception. EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

Hogan, E. and Jeffers, B. (2019) “Apologies I can’t be there but…”: Encountering and countering academic disinterest in SoTL, poster presentation, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

Hogan, E. and Jeffers, B. (2018) Shaping a Digital Learning Culture in Irish Social Policy Education: Challenges and Possibilities, Toward a Learning Culture, ISSOTL,Bergen, Norway, 24th-27thOctober

Hogan, E. and Jeffers, B. (2018) An Examination of Social Policy Educators’ digital skills, capacities and attitudes, Embedding Digital Literacies in Higher Education Institutions, DARIAH Ireland, UCC, 21st-22nd June

Hogan, E. and Jeffers, B. (2018) Social Policy Educators-as-Learners: Reflections on the Barriers, Opportunities, and Strategies for Digital Transformation, EdTech 2018, research presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May – 1st June

Hurley, M. and Ó Súilleabháin, F. (2019) Environmental justice and student activism, poster presentation, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

Leane, M. (2019) Setting the tinderbox of student engagement alight: drawing on the principles of SoTL to stimulate activism in an undergraduate module on sexualities and society in University College Cork (UCC) Ireland, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

McCaughren, S. (2019) Enhancing mature student learning: Redesigning role-play for teaching and learning practice skills, SPEEDS Symposium, 9th May

McDonnell, K., Raftery, D. & O’Brien, M. (2018) Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards as Assessment in Social Care Supervised Professional Practice. EdTech 2018, IT Carlow, 31st May – 1st June

Murphy, M., Farrell, E., and Hogan, E. (2018) Developing Digital Competencies and Capacities in Social Policy Educators in Higher Educational Institutions, Embedding Digital Literacies in Higher Education Institutions, DARIAH Ireland, UCC, 21st-22nd June

Murphy, M. (2018) Psychology Twitterings for Applied Social Care, EdTech 2018, Gasta presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May – 1st

O’Shea, C. (2019) Developing the professional ‘toolkit’ making learning meaningful in applied youth and community work education, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

Ó Súilleabháin, F. (2019) Empowering social work students and communities through community-based group research projects: co-constructing knowledge, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

O’Sullivan, S. (2019) Students as partners in research in higher education: the views of students from a socio-economically disadvantaged area, EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, 13-14th June

Raftery, D. & Anderson, V. (2018) The Future is Mobile: Summative online MCQs with Blackboard app? Irish Blackboard User Group, IT Carlow, 30th May

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