Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy

Teaching interests

I teach social policy broadly, but with specialist interests in Youth Work, Community Work, Social Work, and Drug Policy.

Describe your teaching philosophy

Learning should be fun - we learn a lot better when we're enjoying ourselves!

What technology do you use?

Canvas, Facebook, Powerpoint, Teams

How do you use this technology?

I mainly use these technologies for communication and information sharing. I tend towards a more traditional teaching style and favour in-person teaching. However, the challenges that the Covid pandemic posed for traditional group work-oriented teaching methods meant that I had to quickly and creatively adapt to this new environment. I have a background in scouting and adventure education, so I drew on these skills to deliver teaching in imaginative ways outdoors. Technology helped me to scaffold this learning so that students could draw on teaching and learning resources later at home.

What are the advantages to using this technology?

It makes life easier for students.

What are the disadvantages to using this technology?

It hurts my eyes looking at screens! As mentioned, I prefer teaching in-person and outdoors where possible. I think it is very important for this digital media-saturated world that we take time to switch off the machines and go outside. When working with students, I am mindful about reinforcing the importance of enjoying the outdoors, which connects to broader concerns about personal and environmental well-being. This teaching approach is valuable for youth work students in particular, who often work with young people for whom technology is ubiquitous. Inviting the students to think critically about their own technology use and social media presence makes them better youth workers, ultimately.

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