Monica O’Mullane

Monica O’Mullane

Describe your digital collaboration activities

I contributed a pre-recorded online class for the pilot module (SS6808 SS6808: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Awareness for Health, Social Care and Education Professionals), delivered by the School of Applied Social Studies UCC. The course was delivered entirely online.

What technology do you use?

I used Canvas with Panopto, which was the digital forum I used to record my class for the course. I also used Power Point slides, uploaded readings and references for the students.

How do you use this technology?

The role of technology was primary in the realisation of aims and objectives of this collaboration. I used the Panopto software to record my live class and then uploaded it to Canvas forum for students to access, as well as my colleagues. I used Power Point as the medium for displaying my teaching visuals.

How does this collaboration relate to your teaching and learning practice and the development of digital skills?

This collaboration resonated with my research in gender inequality in the academy, as well as my work with the Cork Healthy Cities inter-agency project. My contribution to the course increased my skill-set and confidence in delivering online content. My collaboration with colleagues through email was extremely seamless and worked very well, mostly because the course coordinator and module coordinator combined guidance with understanding so well. Being able to deliver the course online meant it was more user friendly and accessible for students (who are all in full time work I believe) so we met this teaching challenge through the online course delivery.

What scholarship guided you in this work?

I drew on Freire's critical philosophy of pedagogy, particularly his theoretical premise that education is not divorced from politics, and the act of education is a political act in itself. This formed the basis of my class on the Gendered Nature of Work Organisation. Also, Gardner's Theory of Intelligences work guided me in this teaching and learning work, as it meant I kept at the forefront of my endeavour the different ways that people learn, using as many materials and media as was possible, through video, power point visuals, reading and reading materials.

Which training resources helped you in this work?

I found this resource helpful when developing ideas-

What were the key outcomes of this work?

The impact on my personal teaching approach was an increase in my confidence to deliver online content as well as my capacity to collaborate through email with colleagues to develop materials collectively. The use of technology impacted student learning as it was an accessible forum for them to use in their learning journey. I also gave students my email address and clearly said I was very open to follow up questions and comments by email after the class, thereby opening up communication between myself and students after the class was delivered. I believe this is a positive impact on student learning.


Be honest with the course and module coordinator about what you can offer and deliver, and explore ideas with them, so as to reach to ideal teaching and learning outcome for all involved.

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