Fionnuala O’Leary

Fionnuala O’Leary

What technology do you use?

My main activities are the management of the school's large non-pay budgets as well as several research projects' budgets and the administration of part-time staff contracts and pay. I use various forms of technology in undertaking these activities, including Email, Agresso, WORD, Excel, Doodle, Outlook Calendar, Terminal4 (CMS) & occasionally PowerPoint and Blackboard.

How do you use this technology?

Email is my main means of communication with colleagues and students. Couldn't do my job effectively or efficiently without email! Agresso, which is UCC's financial management system, is very frustrating at times due it not being very intuitive. Nor is it user friendly for those are irregular users of it. I am using Agresso and Excel to produce monthly, up to date reports of the school's expenditure aas well as our forecasts of our annual expenditure.

What are the advantages to using this technology?

Using Agresso and Excel (see example above) has improved my effectiveness as the financial controller of the school's large discretionary budgets.

What are the disadvantages to using this technology?

Agresso financial reports are information/detail "heavy" and it can be hard to find the information needed. Agresso times out quite quickly which is frustrating. When doing expenses on Agresso, mistakes/errors are communicated in technical jargon instead of specifying what the error is with your claim/input.

Which training resources helped you in this work?

Agresso online tutorials; digital skills sessions as part of SPEEDS project especially the one on collaboration tools like Google Drive.


Attention to detail and hard work bring success in your work in my work. An easy thing like using Outlook diary/reminder facility keep me informed of my daily commitments so that I never forget a meeting/appointment. A simple tool but it really helps.

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