Elizabeth Kiely

Elizabeth Kiely

Teaching interests

I teach Youth Policy and Practice, Penal Policy and Research.

Describe your teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy aims to create safe classroom spaces for students to learn and to express themselves; to challenge students to think critically; to use a variety of media to assist students with their learning and to use examples, exercises etc. to demystify complex ideas or theories. My philosophy aims to do my best in the classroom to treat students respectfully and with courtesy and to ensure that they treat each other with respect. Technology assists me by ensuring that when students can access resources easily, this ensures that they can bolster the classroom based learning and more time can be spent on discussion etc. in class. Students tend to get less apprehensive about assignments etc. when they can access resources and information readily with the help of technology.

What technology do you use?

Canvas, power point, you tube, padlet, recorded lectures

What are the advantages to using this technology?

Canvas helps the lecturer / student relationship as it is possible to communicate with students quickly and effectively via announcements and email. It enables me to post general feedback on assignments I have corrected quickly and easily. Padlet is helpful on the basis that why I find useful resources for students I can add them and students can access Padlet via Canvas. A range of media resources can be added to Padlet.

What are the disadvantages to using this technology?

Resources are sometimes made so accessible for students that they may not develop skills to search or acquire the resilience needed to access less available information. Some students come to see class attendance as unnecessary, thinking that they can rely on lecture notes / slides etc. made available online. Because students use technologies in the classroom, they can become distracted by the technologies. Technology may not always work and one can waste valuable time trying to solve the problem arising.

Which training resources helped you in this work?

TELU case studies are very helpful.

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