Anne O’Reilly

Anne O’Reilly

I see myself as a facilitator trying to stimulate interest in and develop knowledge and debate on social policy topics among social care students. Using technology helps with this task by providing me with a range of resources which can be used within lecture/tutorial settings


Teaching interests

Teaching interests include the topics of Social Policy and Welfare; Social Policy and Social Care; institutional care and use of new technology and social care

What technology do you use?

Moodle, PowerPoint, YouTube

How do you use this technology?

Using Moodle as an additional learning resource, students can review a range of online resources on specific social policy topics from a range of reputable online sources. Use of PowerPoint helps with overall presentation of class/tutorial notes. Providing URL links to You Tube content from reputable social care practice/ social policy/academic sources provides an opportunity to access conference presentations/policy statements and other online material to illustrate examples of social policy in action in a range of settings and explore some of the key social policy concepts/debates.

What are the advantages to using this technology?

The use of online links on my social policy lecture moodle pages helps to develop student research skills, including the identification of reputable sources for research/reading. Use of Moodle also helps to reduce the time needed to tease out explanations of some social policy terms/concepts with students - thus allowing more time for discussion and debate on module content during lecture and tutorial time.

What are the disadvantages to using this technology?

Poor IT infrastructure can create huge difficulties. Lack of availability of internet connection and/or speed of connection during tutorial/class time can create the need to have alternative material available. Students have experienced difficulties in getting online from within and outside the institution, difficulties they highlight include poor rural broadband, not having access to internet due to cost; The high use of smart phone technology by students occasionally does not allow them to access and/or view some of the recommended online content. Providing access via the social policy moodle link sometimes results in students not engaging with the available material when the individual social policy topics are actually discussed/covered in lectures.

Which training resources helped you in this work?

Provision of practical IT training within WIT and drawing on online e-learning resources has helped to develop my digital skills

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