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Information and Digital Literacy

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1 I can find information quickly and accurately on the Internet.
2 I am confident using different web browsing software and browsing functions such as bookmarking, history and privacy settings.
3 When browsing the Internet, I distinguish between different information sources and often compare information on different sites.
4 I am confident using local and mass storage devices.
5 I know how to use different cloud storage systems.

Communication and Collaboration

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1 I know how to interact, communicate and collaborate through digital technologies such as email, chat and video conferencing.
2 I am confident sharing data via email and cloud sharing technologies such as Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive and dropbox.
3 I understand how to apply attribute other people's work.
4 When online, I behave in the same way as I would in face-to-face situations.
5 I am conscious of my online identity.
6 I am aware of my digital footprint.
7 I behave in a safe and secure manner when interacting with others online.

Digital content creation

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1 I regularly develop digital content using text and multimedia editing tools.
2 I share digital content using a variety of digital channels.
3 I am confident in using my insitution's virtual learning environment.
4 I am aware of copyright considerations when using digital resources.


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1 I am conscious of the need to protect devices when online.
2 I am aware of potential security and safety issues when working online.
3 I am protective of my privacy and reputation online.
4 I know how to process personal data in line with Data Protection regulations.
5 I am conscious of the impact using digital devices has on the environment.

Problem Solving

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1 I am good at solving technical problems on my devices.
2 I know how to access technical help for my devices.
3 I combine a variety of digital tools to solve problems regularly.
4 I am confident in managing my own technical skills needs.
  • Information and Digital Literacy
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital content creation
  • Safety
  • Problem Solving


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