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Recognising the development of digital skills

SPEEDS has had a significant impact in facilitating the development of digital skills, literacies, and fluencies within our discipline(s) and participants have been active in both expanding their own digital skills and supporting others’ professional development. We recognise these efforts and achievements through SPEEDS Digital Badges. We designed three badges – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – to  award different levels of achievement and engagement. We designed badge application templates using Google Forms. You can access these templates by clicking on the links below.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a micro-credential that signifies an achievement, such as a new skill that you have learned. It is a visual representation that acknowledges learning and can be used as evidence of professional development in online environments.

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Congratulations! You've achieved a Bronze Award.

That was fun! How do I get higher level awards?

Participants who ingage in further training and show evidence of Continuing Professional Development by updating their digital profile and creating a digital artefact will achieve a Silver Award. Those who engage in a collaborative digital project and update their online profile to reflect on their engagement in further training will achieve a Gold Award.

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*For a micro-lesson on using digital badges to encourage learning, see

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