Coding for Youth Work with the CoderDojo Foundation

The UCC SPEEDS team entered into an exciting partnership with Tara McGrath and trainers from the CoderDojo Foundation focusing on coding skills in youth work. 

This workshop was delivered in collaboration with the CoderDojo Foundation. Trainers from the foundation engaged with youth workers, youth work educators, and youth work students to support them to work with young people on coding projectsThe workshop introduced participants to CoderDojo and its ethos, and invited us to explore what coding is and how young people can use it in a youth work setting. CoderDojo trainers helped trainees to plan ways to integrate coding into youth organisations or programmes, and to learn a few technical skills that could be used to mentor young people to code.

The course included:

  • Introduction to CoderDojo and Coding
  • Coding and Young People
  • Scratch
  • HTML and CSS
  • Starting a Dojo


Based on the success of this initiative, we plan to pilot training in coding with students on the Postgraduate Diploma in Youth Work and the Masters in Youth Arts and Sports Education courses in UCC, with a view to permanently including this in the curriculum in the future.

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